1. You can directly leave a message on this page to apply for the friend chain, including the website name, link and related instructions. In order to save your time and me, you can make a link to this site first and leave a message here, I will reply as soon as possible

2. Welcome to apply for friendship link, as long as it is regularly updated on a regular site, the application homepage link must meet the following requirements:

  • This site preferentially recruits similar original blogs or websites with similar content;
  • Baidu and Google have normal collections, Baidu’s recent snapshots, legitimate websites that do not contain illegal content of national laws, TB visitors, and garbage stations do not do it.
  • If your site has very few original content, and it is not updated for a long time, application for connection will not be accepted!
  • The purpose of the friendship link is to come and go frequently. I will frequently visit all the friends who have added the friendship link. You are also welcome to visit my website, leave a message, etc.

If it is not updated for a long time, the friend link will be transferred to the inner page according to the plot.

Example of friend chain application

Name of this site: Mobodigital Agency
Link to this site:
Description of this site: Work With Love

PS: Because the link cannot be accessed or your blog did not find the link to this site and other reasons, the hyperlink will be temporarily revoked. Please leave a message to notify me if you resume it. Please understand, thank you!


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